“No doubt the place gets rowdy when the Broncos are playing and every blessed one of the TVs is showing the game, but at other times, the place has a proper low-key North County beach-town vibe, tweaked by the kid- friendly picnic tables to the right of the bar. The burger is broad, like a kiddie pool, and almost as wet in the center. Actually, the center is where everything works best — the cool shred of the lettuce against the warm chew of the burger against the bold strength of the white onion, all shrouded in the white thickness of a toasted bun. At the edges, things are drier and more disparate.”

— Ambrose Martin, San Diego Reader

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Chiefs’s Burgers and Brew Ranks #5 in a short list of “..some bars where Bronco fans feel right at home.” The top three were in Denver!!!   


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“Southern California’s best beachside burgers.”

— Sunset Magazine

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“Get the real VIP treatment at Chief’s Burgers and Brew in Solana Beach.”

— 944 San Diego Magazine

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“San Diego sports grill caters to fans with straight ahead appetites… a wildly entertaining sports bar in Solana Beach.”

— San Diego Union Tribune

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“Chief’s Burgers and Brew is full of memories.”

— Linette Page, Solana Beach Sun

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“…knocking back a few at Chief’s Burgers and brew in Solana Beach.”

— Riviera Magazine

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“Here is the quintessential neighborhood burger/bar!”

— San Diego Union Tribune / Worlds Best Burger Article